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  • 100% biological
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable


Biological wooden house & log house glaze - wood protection & wood care for inside & outside

Biological wooden house & log house glaze - wood protection & wood care for inside & outside

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Lixumpro wooden house glaze is a weather-wood protection developed for the high specific requirements of a wooden house, which protects the wood against the weather for a very long time, maintains and receives the natural structure.

 Lixumpro wooden house glaze is a certified, high-quality, high-quality, completely pollutant-free, vegan, odorless, glazing wood protection painting against weather influences with the immediate and long-term effect. It will no chemical-synthetic ingredients, chemical dryer and bluish protection used and is free of pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, biocides, virucids etc.

A purely biological product.

Lixumpro wooden house glaze is an innovative, the multiple longer and preserving protection system for wooden components. Sustainable, ecologically And future -oriented.

Advantages of LIXUM Pro Holzhaus glaze

  • Highly hydrophobic with the biologically achieved aberson,
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations and weather influences,
  • Highly thermoactive,
  • The glaze penetrates deep into the wood and protects it long-lasting
  • UV stable & water -repellent, no washing out of the glaze
  • Only 1 coat of paint, simple application,
  • 2 in 1 system - glazing, color design and the natural wood protection
  • Doesn't drip, no peeling or tearing open the glaze,
  • No waning and sources of the wood,
  • Protection against drying out, deprives the algae and braid the food basis,
  • Immediate and long-term effects, very productive,
  • No pretreatment by another product necessary!
  • odorless
  • Resistant against temperature fluctuations & weather influences
  • Immediately Effective after order
  • Including application brush

Disadvantages of conventional wood coatings

Solvent -containing colors, paints are as Weather protection for wooden houses not suitable. Wood protection paints or solvent-containing glazes only lay on the surface and do not penetrate the wood. Over time, the solvents and plasticizers it contain evaporate. At temperature fluctuations there is a source, waning or tearing of the wood and the painted surface bursts. So moisture can penetrate and destroys the wood. In addition to the disturbing odor pollution when painting solvents containing solvents or glazes, another important aspect is what and how much of the chemical components via the wood is drawn in and is released to the environment over time. This may result in a burden for humans. Lixum per wooden house glaze offers the ecological alternative.

Linseed oil or care oils oil & oil glazes can only make weather influences such as moisture, rain and fungal attack. They wash out over time and offer neither long -lasting protection nor an adequate one Care of the wood. An annual renovation coat is essential.

Here offers Lixum per wooden house glaze With the long -term effect the Resource -friendly alternative for sustainable building.

For sealing The brainwood and cut surfaces For example, in the case of logs in front of weather influences and drying out, to reduce cracking and prevention of the consumption and source behavior Recommend we Lixumpro brainwood wax glaze.

1 product and 1 coat of paint

Holzhäuser & log houses combine the advantages of natural, comfortable and for centuries -proven material wood with today's requirements for healthy, sustainable and environmentally conscious building.

A wooden house is defined when its load -bearing walls and frames are made of wood.

A distinction is made between two construction methods:

1. The bar structure is a construction of a wooden house where the vertical woods, the load of the horizontal beams built into the ceiling and roof. This is, among other things, the construction of half -timbered houses, on their principle, which works very widespread wooden frame construction today.

Applications for this are glue wood houses, such as living, garden houses, wooden facades or half-timbered houses.

For half -timbered houses we have specially developed a lasuring half -timbered half -timbered.

2. The log construction, here made of solid wood trunks, bars or boards are put together to the walls and ceilings in the house. Applications for this are: log houses, houses made of massive round tribes, Swedish houses, are made of solid wooden beams, some of which are also made.

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