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  • 100% biological
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable


Biological & natural animal stall - Stall Lasur Universal - Wood Protection & Wood Care

Biological & natural animal stall - Stall Lasur Universal - Wood Protection & Wood Care

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The LIXUMPRO Tierstall Lasur is an innovative and non -toxic animal stall lale, which is sufficient to protect your wood in the long term and extensive. Through the high quality, purely biological, vegan  and  Pollutant -free We ensure ingredients that your animals and you do not damage any health damage from our wood protection.

Tierstall glaze for sheep, pigs, goats, alpacas, donkeys, poultry and Co.

Protect your couple or unpairer with our purely biological and completely natural animal stall. Due to the unique combination of vegan ingredients and the absence of chemical components such as plasticizers, pesticides and the like, our wood protection is innovative and sets new standards.

 Properties of the LIXUMPRO Tierstall Lasur Universal


Ecological, purely natural, vegan product (laboratory tested).

No chemical-synthetic ingredients.

Free of pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, biocides, virucids etc.)

Solvent-free, without plasticizers and thinners, voc-free.

No fluid and chemical dryer.

Recyclable according to the old wood regulation - old woodv.  


Only 1 coat of paint.  

Long -term protection.

Biologically achieved shutdown effect.  

With integrated UV protection.

Penetrate deep into the wood and is not only on the surface.

Not dripping. (Allows work to be done over the head.)

Silk matt surface, not rippling.

Highly thermoactive, water -repellent.

No washing out.

Protects against drying out.

No waning, sources of the wood.

No burst and open the surface.


Consumption of our LIXUM wood protection

Depending on the surface and the type of output wood, you consume about 25ml/sqm. In the case of planed or sawmill wood and depending on the temperature, the consumption can vary. The optimal processing temperature is 20 ° C upwards. Use is also possible at lower temperature, but this extends drying times.

Protect the stable of your animal favorite innovative, sustainable and vegan with just one coat of paint!

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