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  • 100% biological
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable


Biological brainwood - head wood wax - sealing - wood protection & wood care

Biological brainwood - head wood wax - sealing - wood protection & wood care

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LIXUM Pro brainwood - Strinholz Protection Wax - Sealing Sealed and protects the brainwood and cut surfaces from weather influences and drying out. Reduces crack formation and prevents swinding and source behavior. Protects and cares for the wood for a very long time.

The natural wood structure remains visible.

Very productive, no pretreatment by another product necessary!

Including sponge of application.

With the Lixum 2 in 1 system, give the wood the glazing, color design and the natural protection Weather influences And only with 1 coat of paint.


Ecological, vegan purely natural product (laboratory test).
No chemical-synthetic ingredients.
Free of pesticides ((insecticides, fungicides, biocides, virucids etc.).
Solvent -free, without plasticizers and thinners, - VOC -free.
-only 1 coat of paint
-with integrated UV protection
-intensification and revival of the wood
-protects and maintains the natural wood structure
-silk mat surface, not lipid
-Long -term protection for wood
-Biologically achieved shutdown effect
-highly thermoactive, water -repellent
-no washing out
-not dripping (problem -free overhead work)
-penetrates deep into the wood, is not only on the surface
-Protects against drying out and deprives of mold and braid the food base
-no waning and sources of the wood
-no burst and open the surface

LIXUM PRO brain wood protection Wax glaze = 1 product and 1 coat of paint.

Suitable for:

- Brainwood and cut surfaces of e.g. roof overhangs, fences, terrace boards, carports, with new and or tasseled wood.


Approx. 250 ml / m², depending on the surface and planed wood, with a sawmill wood, brush order or low temperatures, consumption can vary.

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