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  • 100% biological
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable


Biological wood protection tropical wood protection rosewood - wood protection & wood care

Biological wood protection tropical wood protection rosewood - wood protection & wood care

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For the specific requirements of rosewood LIXUM - tropical wood protection glaze for Rosewood developed. 

It is the New generation of the pure natural, biological and Pollutant -free Tropical wood protection, sustainable, ecologically And future -oriented.

All previous conventional care products for tropical woods are purely oil -based (care oils). This partly contain solvents, require repeated painting and several products for 1.
Oil -based paints have poor resistance to weather influences.
They wash out and emulsify with water. This requires complex care and annual renewal, refresher.

LIXUM-Tropic protection glazes give the wood its natural wood color.

Including sponge of application.


Ecological, vegan purely natural product (laboratory test).
No chemical-synthetic ingredients.
Free of pesticides ((insecticides, fungicides, biocides, virucids etc.).
Solvent -free, without plasticizers and thinners, - VOC -free.
-only 1 coat of paint
-with integrated UV protection
-intensification and revival of the wood
-protects and maintains the natural wood structure
-silk mat surface, not lipid
-Long -term protection for wood
-Biologically achieved shutdown effect
-highly thermoactive, water -repellent
-no washing out
-not dripping (problem -free overhead work)
-penetrates deep into the wood, is not only on the surface
-Protects against drying out and deprives of mold and braid the food base
-no waning and sources of the wood
-no burst and open the surface

LIXUM-Tropic protection glaze rosewood = 1 product and 1 coat of paint.

Suitable for:

 - Garden furniture, wooden cladding, visual panels, wooden decks and much more.

 -New untreated wood-older snacking wood.


Approx. 30 ml/sqm, depending on the surface and planed wood, with a sawmill wood, brush order or low temperatures, consumption can vary.

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