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  • 100% biological
  • Environmentally friendly
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Biological feed frame glaze for prey

Biological feed frame glaze for prey

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From beekeepers, Lixum Pro - Feeding frames glaze is recommended from a biological, ecological point of view!

For the sealing of wooden food frames, floors and feed bags we have the

Snucking frame frames  developed. The wood is optimally maintained and protected.

The natural wood structure is preserved.

Neither the bee nor its behavior are influenced.

We offer the feed frame in a range of quantities.

LIXUM Pro products Set new standards in the field of natural, ecological and harmful weather - wood protection.

This is the new generation, sustainable and forward -looking.

LIXUMPRO - Beying frame frame glaze  is a certified, on purely vegetable, high-quality active ingredients, completely pollutant-free, vegans, odorless, glazing wood protection painting with the immediate and long-term effect.

Before glazing, the feed frame / feed pocket should be checked for proper structural design. For example, column between the floor and the side parts must be corrected, to be closed.


Disadvantages of conventional coatings
In the highly sensitive area of ​​the hinges, the feed frame / feed pockets are not recommended for wood protection paints or solvent-containing glazes. 

Another important aspect is what and how much the paints drawn into the wood release over time from the chemical components to the environment. These can get into the food of the bees or honey, which can result in an impact on the behavior of the bees.

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