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100% biological & natural wood protection & wood maintenance glaze for inside & outside

Susceptible to humans, animals & nature

At a time when we want to perceive and protect our environment, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of wood protection. Natural & biological wood glazes are free of pollutants or pathogens and can thus be used entirely for their wood protection. Thanks to completely vegan ingredients, it is possible
To impregnate their wood sustainably and to the weather
protect. They never only protect their wood, but also themselves and their environment sustainably. Chemical wood protection often consists of
Solution, pesticides, plasticizers and what the chemical kit gives. But biological wood glazes do without all of these things and can still demonstrably protect their wood longer and better.

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Natural and biological wood glaze for horse stables - protect your wood and horses!

Our wood glaze was specially developed for horse stables and is 100% organic and natural. It does not contain any pesticides or other toxic chemicals and is therefore harmless to her horses. With our glaze you not only protect the wood in the stable from moisture and mold, but also ensure a healthy and safe environment for your animals.
Our glaze for horse stables is easy to apply and offers long -lasting protection for the wood. You can choose between different colors and thus design the stable according to your wishes. Our glaze is also suitable for the outdoor area and protects the wood from UV radiation and other weather influences.
At bio-holzlasur.com we attach great importance to sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our glaze for horse stables is therefore not only harmless for your horses, but also for the environment. We only use high -quality and natural ingredients and produce our glaze in Germany. Protect your wood and horses with our natural and biological glaze for horse stables. Order now from Bio-holzlasur.com and benefit from our fast delivery and our excellent customer service.

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Natural wood glaze for beehives

Bees are indispensable helpers in nature and make an important contribution to the pollination of plants. Beekeepers and bee friends know this and are committed to protecting the bees. The choice of materials for the beehives plays an important role. Because not all wood glazes are harmless for bees. Bio-holzlasur.com comes into play here. In our "Beecover" category you will find a large color selection of our biological and natural wood glazes, which were specially developed for beehive. Our wood glazes are free of pesticides and other toxic fabrics and therefore absolutely bee -friendly. They protect the wood from weather influences and give the bees an appealing look. Our wood glazes are available in different colors that adapt perfectly to the surroundings. They ensure that the bees are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing. The wood glaze is easy to apply and dries quickly. So you can protect your beehives quickly and easily. Another advantage of our wood glazes is their biological degradation. They do not burden the environment and are therefore also suitable for ecological farming. So our wood glazes are not only bee -friendly, but also environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a natural and bee-friendly wood glaze for your bees, you are the right place at Bio-holzlasur.com. We offer you a large selection of high -quality wood glazes that were specially developed for beehive. Our wood glazes are organic, natural and harmless for bees. Order now and protect your bees in a natural way!

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Bio-holzlasur.com-the natural choice for all small animal friends

Wood stalls for rodents such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are a great way to offer the animals a species -appropriate home. But so that the barn lasts for a long time and offers the animals a safe home, it needs a good glaze. Our glaze for small animal stalls is organic and natural, non -toxic and without pesticides. This means that it is harmless to all small animals and that they don't have to worry that their animals are endangered by the glaze. At the same time, the glaze protects the wood from the weather and extends the life of the stable. Another advantage of our wood glaze is that it is available in different colors. So you can design the stable according to your taste and integrate it perfectly into your garden. Regardless of whether you prefer a natural wood look or choose a colorful color-you will find it with Bio-holzlasur.com.
A problem that many small animal friends know is that conventional wood glazes often contain toxic ingredients. This can not only be dangerous for the animals, but also for people and the environment. With bio-holzlasur.com you don't have to worry about it, because our glaze is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our target group are children, hobby breeders and all small animal friends who want to offer their animals a safe and species -appropriate home. We know how important it is that the small animal stable is not only functional, but also visually appealing. That is why we offer a large selection of colors and a natural, non -toxic glaze that protects the wood and does not contaminate the environment.
Order your glaze for small animal stalls at Bio-holzlasur.com and give your animals a safe and species-appropriate home. Our glaze is organic, natural and non -toxic - the perfect choice for all small animal friends.

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Biological half -timbering lale - the environmentally friendly alternative to chemical colors

Would you like to give your half -timbered house a new "shine" but rely on environmentally friendly products? Then our biological truss lasur is just right for you! This glaze is a perfect alternative to chemical colors and consists of renewable raw materials. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is particularly suitable for the restoration of half-timbered houses, monument protection and historical half-timbered houses.

Our Biological Half -Works of Raising is allergy sufferers friendly or suitable and all painted elements are recyclable. It is free of harmful chemicals and solvent -containing substances that are often contained in conventional colors. Instead, our glaze relies on natural ingredients that not only protect the environment, but also provide a healthy living atmosphere.

The use of our Biological Half -Works of Laundry is child's play and offers an excellent result. The glaze penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from moisture, mold and damage from UV radiation. The natural structure of the wood is preserved and gives your half -timbered house a unique charm.

Our Biological Half -Works of Refusion is the perfect choice for everyone who rely on environmentally friendly products and does not want to do without quality and performance. Try it out and let our product convince you! "

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  • Biological & natural wood glazes as a problem solver

    Wood protection colors are available in any explanations. Whether biologically or chemical, for outdoor or interior areas or in the colors of the rainbow, there are no limits in wood protection. Our goal is to show you why you should no longer do without natural & biological wood glazes.

  • Environmentally friendly recycling

    A very great advantage of biological wood glazes is the disposal of the wood treated with it. Because chemically treated wood is considered hazardous waste in Germany and must be disposed of by specializing in this. For you, this is not only more expensive but also an additional effort that you can do without biological wood glazes. Wood that has been impregnated and protected can be burned very simply, on certain days of the year, or may be disposed of in the biotone

  • Organic glazing as sustainable wood protection

    For us, sustainability and environmental friendliness are in the foreground. That is why you can safely use our wood protection in external and interior areas and also wood that has already been treated with organic wood protection as often as possible. This not only saves resources and money, it also increases the useful life of the wood.

Restore tinyhouses sustainably

  • The trend: the tinyhouse

    Tinyhäuser are more desirable than ever. What is so special about you? As the name suggests, they offer everything you need to live in a few space.
    Small, compact, but still cozy. Living space, building sites and also building the house itself are becoming increasingly expensive in Germany. It is only understandable that a small cozy alternative of many is becoming increasingly attractive. So if you are your own little one
    Pieces of luck in the form of a tiny house and want to use and maintain it for a very long time, then you definitely cannot avoid reversible wood protection!

  • Why organic lashes for tinyhouses?

    Organic glazes offer many advantages that are very attractive, especially for Tinyhouse owners. You don't have to worry about organic wood protection
    Making poisonous gases or health effects. With biological wood protection colors, your Tinyhouse not only looks perfect, it also retains this look
    much longer than with chemical wood protection.
    has been proven that the biological wood protection has more than twice as long as its naturally pure ingredients as its
    chemical alternatives.

  • What is important when restoring tinyhouses?

    The exposure time of wood protection color is important when restoring tiny houses with organic wood protection. Organic glazes pull their strength out of sunlight and fresh air. It is therefore very important that you adequately your tinyhouse after treatment
    Ventilate and ensure through. Give the organic glaze the time you need. The better you let it work, the longer you have the optimal result for your tinyhaus. With organic wood protection, your tiny house will shine and the cozy little oasis that you will
    make a Wish.

  • How do you restore furniture properly?

    Restoration of furniture is a trend that has always existed somehow, but it has increasingly gained popularity in recent years. Why is that? We want our earth and the resources
    Protect sustainably and use it more and more often
    used furniture to restore them. Wood is now a very scarce raw material and so it is only logical to use it several times. In order to refine the idea of ​​sustainability, you cannot do without organic glazes in this area. Due to their biologically pure ingredients, organic glazes are the epitome of sustainability. Not only leads to a significant way to use a piece of furniture that was treated with organic wood protection longer,
    but are harmless to nature, humans and animals. This opens up completely new possibilities in the area of ​​reorganization or upcycling.

  • What are the advantages of sustainable upcycling of furniture?

    Where the trend towards sustainable restoration of furniture has been swinging up for some time, the trend of the upcycling is relatively new and is also taken up more by leading furniture designers. Upcycling evaluates that
    already used furniture and gives it a new larger intended use. Biological glazes also help upgrade their piece of furniture. So if you combine both, you can
    Not only breathe into your old piece of furniture a new meaning in life, but also of high quality and sustainable before future influences

  • Recycling or upcycling? Where's the difference?

    The difference is not as big as you could think. If you recycle something, then restore it or give it to him
    another purpose. If you upcycling something, you value
    It always always gives up and give the piece of furniture a higher or larger task. A good example for this is furniture made of pallets that represent classic upcycling. For recycling or restoring you can get the old medical cabinet out of the basement
    Introduce that once sanded and with organic wood protection
    edited, shines in new splendor.